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Beverly offers a FREE, no strings attached, 2-year subscription to their quarterly No Nonsense Magazine publication. It is quite possibly the only AUTHENTIC publication in the bodybuilding and fitness industry.

No Nonsense is written by REAL bodybuilders and fitness/figure athletes representing all levels of experience from novice to professional. They’ve put their personal step-by-step training and nutrition templates out there for your individual use.

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How can I get my article published in the No Nonsense Magazine?
What You Need To Do:
1.  Beverly International supplements must have been an integral part of your success.
No Nonsense Magazine is a Beverly publication and staying true to our core values and integrity it would be disingenuous for us to feature an athlete who did not use Beverly supplements.)
Include at least Seven photographs or more. If you like we’ll send you private a Dropbox link to upload.
Competition photos onstage and offstage, as well as training, eating, taking your Beverly supplements, etc. Photos taken outdoors can turn out well, if not taken midday to avoid deep dark shadows. Early morning or evening, or if overcast skies. Also, with fewest objects in the background. You want to stand-out within your photos.
Photos should be highest resolution possible and largest size (high resolution, HiDPI, and Retina Display all mean the same).
3.  Describe your preparation for the contest
Contest Diet include your meal plan. You may also include food prep (meal planning) tips on how someone can implement your plan helpful hints
Supplement schedule include when and why you took each specific supplement
Cardio schedule favorite type, number of minutes per day, days per week, anything you can think of to add that can help someone else get the most from their cardio
Training schedule Favorite (or most effective) Training Program: You can list your whole program or just a favorite body-part routine. Include exercises, sets and reps. Please include any special training techniques you use.
Presentation tips
Describe your experience the preparation, the contest, what you learned, anything else that will be helpful or of interest to others.

4.  You at a Glance (personal stats)


Occupation or Education:



Current Residence:

Years training (total):  


Off Season Weight:

Contest Weight:

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal:

Favorite supplements: (tell how you incorporated them into your contest diet, reasons why you used these particular supplements)

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before?

In your CD player:

Most Inspiring Book:

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding:

Words to live by: